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   Foods for Wild Birds

Cardinal Corner's wild bird seed mixes are made from our own recipes with the highest quality seeds. Our mixes and straight seeds can be purchased from 1# to 50#. Our seed is also packaged in 20, 25, 40 and 50# bags.  Cardinal Corner offers live and dried meal worms, suets, peanuts and other seeds to attract the birds to your yard.

                   Give your birds a taste of our seed, it's been proven they will turn up their beaks on anything else!     

Cardinal Delight
Black sunflower, peanuts, Golden safflower, white safflower with
no millet or no cracked corn

Supreme Wild Bird
Black sunflowers, white millet, peanuts,
and cracked corn

Finch Buffet
Nyjer thistle, red millet, white millet,
canary seed

Other Foods to offer the birds from
Cardinal Corner
Suet pellets

                 Dried or Live meal worms

            Woodpecker Products Suet plugs
  A small sampling of our  suet cakes and
 suet plugs offer in our shop.

Do not buy suet cakes that have a lot of
yellow in them, that is cracked corn is
 not a favorite of woodpeckers, chickadees
 and nuthatches.

Songbird Mix
Sunflower 80% shelled, golden safflower, white safflower, peanuts. Like Cardinal Delight only most sunflower shells have been removed

No Grow Mix (non-Germinating)
Shelled sunflowers, hulled millet, peanuts,
cracked corn. No shells! Non Germinating

   Our own bags for our Custom mixes

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What not to feed!

Big box and grocery stores sell
bags of mixes that contain a red bb looking
seed called milo. Our  birds do not eat
milo so  this seed will be thrown out
of your feeders. This is a filler seed and
is a total waste of your dollars.
If you purchase a mix that is basically
"yellow" this would be considered a
ground feeding mix. This usually contains cracked corn and lots of white millet
maybe a little black sunflower. Our
Backyard Buffet is similar to this. This
mix does not belong in bird feeders but
 in ground feeders or scattered on the
ground under bushes for ground
feeding birds.

Bills Blend
Black Sunflower, golden safflower, white safflower, peanuts, little millet and a little cracked corn

Nyjer thistle and sunflower chips
      Small seeds for finch feeders

Other straight seeds are listed below

 Golden Safflower         Dakota
or Nutrasaff           80% shelled sunflower

Black Sunflower    Select (whole)

Medium Sunflower    Fine Sunflower
          Chips                         Chips

White Safflower        Nyjer Thistle Seed

                 Roasted Peanut Pickouts    
   Whole Corn, Cracked Corn
and cob corn

Backyard Bu
ffet   Striped Sunflower
   Mixed Nuts   (not pictured)   

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